Saturday, April 4, 2009

What is your most challenging experience?

I came in Saudi Arabia on August 1, 2003 and it was the start of the biggest challenge in my life. It’s like searching a needle inside the dark room, clueless and totally blind. I don’t have any idea what path I’m walking through but aside from those, I have learned to stand on my own feet, making decisions without somebody’s influence and live my life everyday as exciting as riding on a bicycle for the first time. A doubtful skin is all I have (maybe it’s just the thought that I’m a Filipino) and the fact that I’m in a religious Muslim country where the perfect intensive authority is implemented nakakapraning! Kasi , separate and babae at lalake lol! Bawal magpahaba ng buhok kailangan palaging clean cut pero kailangang magpahaba ng balbas at bigote or else magugustuhan ka ng arabo at ma-babastos ka. Ilan lang yan sa mga kailangang gawin habang nasa Saudi ka. But then again, I was able to gain experience when it comes to my chosen profession specially I was a green horn that time and then I have finished my contract for two years and I decided to extend another year before I left Saudi Arabia and went to Dubai for 2 days. After spending 2 days in Dubai I composed myself for another challenging adventure of my life which is going to Iraq, because there is a job waiting for me here.

I have been working here in Iraq for 3 years now to be exact, hindi naging madali ang buhay ko dito kasi buhay pa ako until now hahahaha! Joke lang! Seriously it was year 2006 – mid of 2008 kung saan umuulan ng mortars and rockets, but I was able to survive kahit minsan sobrang nagiging paranoid na ako, kahit message tone lang ng cellphone napagkakamalan kong alarm to cover up yourself kasi may papatak na mortar…hahahaha! that was so exhausting, takbo sa bunker or di kaya naman sa kahit na anong building para lang makaiwas sa bombings lol! Di ba exciting hahahahaha! Parang action movie Title “Run…Run…Run…to the Bunker…Run” hahahaha! Di ba magtatanong kayo kung bakit ako nag i-stay dito sa Iraq until now kahit hindi maganda ang situation dito, I guess it’s only a simple question that needs a simple answer which is Pera o sweldo and the way we live our life here in Iraq and helping US government to stabilize this war torn country…and specially the way the Americans threat as without any discriminations…that’s it! Sarap ng ang buhay dito dami akong naging friends lalopa mga Fil-Am na sundalo...hahahaha!

pahabo sulat: daming party dito lalo na mga to the max!

Ashufat baden! (see you later!) sherwin


Anonymous said...

un nga ang tinanong ko kay mon bakit ka nanjan sa iraq hehe na alam naman ng lahat na magulo pa jan until now at swerte mo dahil u'r still alive LOL anyway ingat2 na lang palagi at run run run sa bunker para makapag tago hehe...:)welcome sa blogsphere ...hehe

Anonymous said...

bro, ka-inggit naman yang mga party na yan. hehe. grabeh pala experience mo jan sa Iraq!!?? U'r such a survivor!! apir! ayun. ;p

Mon said...

welcome sa blosphere bro!!! ;)

Mac Callister said...

iraq,just wow!

believe ako sayo,grabe tapang mo.
i hope you take care always jan

im planning to go middle east din kaso waiting pa me visa huhu

Mac Callister said...

by the way ano work mo jan?im dead curious hehe

sherwin said...

Mac Callister, thanks for the comment! in 3 years here i had 3 jobs in 3 different companies, dati puro administrative assistant ang mga work ko, then ngayon nasa contracting office ako, working as Program Analyst....hehe!

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